General Information


Driving in Barbados is easy, not only do they drive on the left but fellow drivers are very courteous.
However, it can be slightly bumpy. There is so much easily get around the sites during your stay.
You require a Barbados permit, which will be acquired by the hirer from the Local Police Station at a cost of $5 US dollar. The insurance is normally comprehensive but with a large excess waiver.
The cost is not cheap and there are many companies to be found on the Internet or Barbados yellow pages for competitive prices.


There are local Government transport and private “ZR” mini buses which runs frequently to Bridgetown and other parts on the Island.
There is a standard charge of $1.50 BDS Dollar each for any one journey.
You must have the correct change before boarding a Government bus which is painted blue.
All others will give you change for your journey.


There are many private hire taxi’s and mini buses, which are quite reasonable to hire. Always ask the price before entering the motor vehicle.


There are no private beaches in Barbados, but you must be aware not to use Hotels facilities such as deck chairs etc. You can do without or pay a small fee to private vendors for using there facilities they provide.

International dialing access codes:

From Europe Dial 00 in Place of +
From USA Dial 011 in Place of +
If phoning from outside Europe or USA, please consult your telephone directory for International Dialing access codes.


Queen Elizabeth 436-6450
Bay View Hospital 436-5446
Ambulance Emergency 511
Get-Help 438-4357
Island Care Ambulance 435-9425

In Case of Emergency

Police 211
Fire 311
Directory Enquiries 411
Operator 0
Doctor 421 9000